A sad change of venue..

Today’s Interstate move started as a great pick me up for a slow season in the moving industry.  A great referral from a contractor friend at DEED Builders, LLC in Holden Beach NC. 

Clients excited to be moving into a brand new home built in Southport NC. The gentleman actually set a face to face meeting with me weeks ago just to be sure we were a “real” moving company.  I applauded his choice to do so. 

Prior to dispatching for this far north load – I received a telephone call from one of the Shipper’s family members.  Mr. So-in-so has had a stroke.  I was so sad – all I could think was to delay or cancel the move and ask how both he and his wife were.  No, they were calling to say things were still a go, had to be since the house there was sold, ect.  The family member was just advising us of extra things to be moved.  These things the Mr. had planned on handling himself.  Obviously that could not happen now.  

Immediately I responsed with “no problem” – rechecking the weight estimate of the move back into NC.  It would seem we had plenty of space on the truck that was in route to them for the load.  All was as good as could be expected.

Today the truck was loaded and weighed as the crew headed back to the Carolina’s.  The small amount of “stuff” in the garage amounted to a 2,800# increase in tonnage that was transported.  Now that will obviously increase the cost noticeably.  My bummer of a responsibility is to call that family and let them know more money is due for the actual weight increased (significantly).  I personally feel bad for the situation in their family is a stressed one already, but as the estimate was given – actual weight carried and professional packing done (if any) is how the bill is finalized. 

We can almost always accommodate changes but more than not the Shippers do not feel cost increases are justified.   Here’s hoping these Clients are grateful for the extra hours and cost the company put in to accommodate them and realize the price is commensurate to the service given.

P.S.  remember Mr. So-in-so in your prayers (God will know who you mean)


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