The real cost of a local move

Safety and Satisfaction

Moving locally (35 miles or less from load site to unload site) you pay a licensed moving company an hourly rate for a certain number of experienced movers and a DOT approved-licensed truck driver.  They carry their own hand trucks and dollies, furniture pads and floor protectors as well as door jam protectors and tools.  Usually they’ll have a few loose boxes for those items you forget to pack too.  Always included in this move is standard valuation option for loss or damage, at no cost.  The real clincher is that you know they will show up, be on time and respect your things.  You know because you have checked the references they supplied you with.  You know because you called the BBB or the local Chamber of Commerce to check their reputation.  You know because you see their license number on company business cards, brochures and vehicles.

The other option is moving yourself; getting the rental truck – and don’t forget refueling after your day of unpacking before returning the rental truck.  You definately want to remind the driver of the day of your mailbox, the neighbors mailbox and those low hanging tree limbs, the landscape lighting, the ditch next to the driveway and the cat that runs loose in the neighborhood. Get the picture?

Now add to your cost by renting hand trucks and/or dollies and moving pads, unless you choose to use your bedspreads (that will be the end of them being bedspreads). Don’t forget the rental fee that is seemingly cheap does not include the mileage charges.  Trust me they rack up quickly.  In an attempt to give accure information on moving options to you we have rented ourselves.

Then you have to count on friends or relatives to clear their personal schedules to lift, load, place, put together and clean up after your household goods (carefully) + the garage stuff.  Of course you’ll want to buy them lunch, drinks for the day and maybe dinner – if it’s a lot to move.  Those friends that actually would do this for you will probably never agree to do it again.  You’ll hear about their back aches, old knee injuries, inability to golf now, ect. for weeks to come.

While we all agree money is tight today there are certain things worth investing in.  Honestly, you will spend less money if you move yourself; but you will spend less time, stress, and hours at the Chiropractor’s office if you hire a licensed professional.

At East Coast Moving we are more than muscle, we have careful hands and caring hearts!


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