Working in the rain..

Had a Shipper call this a.m. and ask if we were still coming to move his things.  It had rained alllllllll night and was a drizzle as we spoke.  Yes, we will handle your goods to meet your schedule unless the clients chooses to change the date.  Another option for a client is to have the movers work until the weather becomes unsafe or unsatisfactory in their opinion, at which time the crew will go “off the clock” for an agreed to period of time.  The goal is for the harsher weather to pass and allow the movers to finish in less challenging conditions. 

It’s important for Shipper’s to realize that weather is an act of God and we are the hired help.  Another moving date is not always availble without notice hence making the best of the day we have confirmed/set is necessary.  If the move is to be done.

Extra precautions are taken by East Coast Moving crews; stretch wrapping items and possibly laying out of furniture pads in addition to rug runners to cover residence flooring – and wet feet marks.

Using furniture pads in this way requires a dry cleaning following the job in order to use the pads for other clients – clean and for furniture only, not floors.  I choose to absorb this extra time and cost to accomodate Shippers as an additional “personal touch” to our company.


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