Checking behind the crew

Please take into consideration that the laborous job of moving things in and out is what you are hiring a company to do.  Checking the closets and cabinets and drawers for things thought to be staying or left behind or forgotten, is not. 

The state Utility Commission has incorporated a piece of paperwork to get signed with every move done; a page stating just that.  It is the Shipper’s  (that’s you) responsibility to check for items possibly left at your load site. 

Ideally you should be with your moving crew throughout the process but if you find it necessary to leave prior to loading being finished – you need to go back and check your property.  More often than not something may have been left.  In an attempt to service you more efficiently, please remember to do a final walk thru.

Another consideration along the same lines would be if you are moving in to a storage facility.  There is still paperwork to be signed upon completion of any kind of move (hourly, Intrastate, or Interstate).  Also you would want to lock you unit and know all was done to your satisfaction.  Ending a move is as important as starting one, to us.

We value your business and aim to please.  Communication is key!


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