Is professional packing worth the cost?

You may pack yourself OR hire us to professionally pack for you.

Boxes and Furniture go on to the truck

If you are considering having a company pack for you then expect to spend more money.  Packing is the most expensive part of the move process.  You are typically billed for materials used: paper, tape, boxes, crates, wrap, ect. and possibly for the extra time it takes (manpower) to pack those items. This is in addition to the tonnage transported and the distance it is transported when moving more than 35 miles.

Is it worth the cost?  To many people – YES.  To some, no.  If you are unable to pack or time is an issue for you then professionals can accomodate your needs.  If you have things that are fragile and or sentimental and you are weary of preparing them for the move yourself, then yes hire a professional.

Please be aware that just because a company packs your items it does not immediately assign liability for replacement of an item packed by them at full replacement value.  You must assign a liability for your entire move before the job begins.  That assigned liability is how any proven claim would be answered, if you have one.

EX: a box packed by the crew held a vase Aunt Angie gave you for your wedding 25 years ago – The box arrived fine externally but you find the vase inside is now chipped and cracked  – you put in a claim.

If you elected Standard 0.60/pound/article Valuation at NO COST then he company’s maximum liability would be $0.60 x weight of vase x 1 piece = $ not much. Probably not even enough money to repair it.

If you elected Full Value Protection at ADDITIOAL COST determined by the weight carried – then the company’s liability would be to repair or replace the item via like value fully.

You see having a professional packer does not automatically mean you have replacement coverage for damage.  Just something to think on.


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