Need help with heavy lifting?

Why would you need a professional mover is you aren’t moving to a new home?  You could need this help if you have unexpected water damage inside your home.  You could also easily need movers if you are having new carpeting or new wooden floors put in. 

More often than not, installation crews do not wish to handle your furniture but request coming in to an already cleared area (or additional charges will occur).

In that situation you can call on East Coast Moving to pad and move your furniture into a temporary room, maybe the garage or a storage unit until the work is done.  We will come back and replace the items where you wish, of course.  All of this is done at a discounted hourly rate as you aren’t requiring usage of a moving van, just the crew and equipment.

It is beneficial to entrust a professionally trained person to do this, not to mention so much more convenient!  So the next time you just want to change the look of the room or need the space cleared out for workers – just call the  move lady at East Coast Moving. 

A smooth move with us…, it’s a “shore thing”!


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