Check references, take names, note promises.

When we say we care, and we are more than just muscle for the day – we mean it and we can back it up.  Our list of previous customers who offer their phone number or email to future clients so they may speak to them regarding experiences they had with our company, is quite large.

I don’t believe you should select a company to handle your possessions without putting in a little extra effort.  Make some phone calls or send some friendly emails out and review a blog or two.  Think about the fact that the voice you interact with over the telephone is typically not the one you will be dealing with the day of your move.  Will you, in fact, ever speak to that same person again.  Here at East Coast Moving the answer is yes!  You can always speak to your initial contact at our office as well as request to speak to the General Manager any time.  We can tell you who your assigned Supervisor will be and within 15 minutes of when you can expect your moving truck and crew on load day.  Really!

“My experience is offered to ease your move..,  my reputation to ease your mind”.  Carrie DeWitt Partello, Owner & General Manager


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