What if something gets broken?

Before your move begins be sure to talk about and “read” about Valuation.  With differant types of moves there are differant options available.  Valuation is coverage for proven transit related damage that occurs while your goods are being handled by a moving company.  The level of coverage you have is determined by the liability you assign before the move begins – via your signature on a Bill of Lading.

Hourly (sometimes thought of as Local) moves and Intrastate (within NC) moves offer the following:

$0.60/pound/article at no additional cost; this is the minimum coverage a licensed mover can offer and is included on all moves free of charge

DVP is Depreciated Value Protection; this covers $1.25/pound/less depreciation; this is the less expensive option

FVP is Full Value Protection; this covers $4.00/pound/no depreciation; this is the most expensive option

Please be advised that a moving company may repair or replace any item proven to have been damaged in transit, at their discretion.  It is not the Shippers choice. 

Interstate Moves (on state to another state) offers the standard $0.60/lb/article free of charge and three other options.

FVP – as described above; FVP with a $250 deductible; FVP with a $500 deductible

The amount of coverage you get is determined by a tariff and calculated according to weight transported.  This coverage is the minimum you can elect to have – additional amounts are available at increased cost, but not less.  Also, you may not elect to cover just pieces of a load.

EX:  12,000 lbs moving NC to FL covers up to $60,000 at a cost of $537; FVP w/250 deductible cost $336 for the same $60,000 and FVP w/500 deductible cost $232 for the same $60,000 (when the weight carried changes the Valuation option/coverage/cost change accordingly).

Moving companies are not licensed insurance agents therefore we do not offer “insurance” but valuation.  It is of extreme importance that you as a Shipper know a claim must be recieved in writing to a moving company to be considered a filed claim.  You cannot tell or show your mover on move day damage and think that you have filed a claim with the company.  More times than not if there is an item damaged people let it go or have it touched up and never file a formal claim with the company.  On the occassion it is important to the Shipper, a written claim is sent in and an estimator may visit to confirm the damage and the cost of repair or replacement.

Also remember it is the Shipper’s responsibilty to prove transit related damage.  Keeping your items in the original packing material, taking photographs, and contacting the movers office quickly are the best ways to expedite a claim.

In the end moving companies dispatch daily with the intention of caring for you goods with professional care and equipment.  Realistically accidents happen to even the most experienced people; but striving for excellence is what we do best.  Your satisfaction is what we aim to achieve!


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