It’s really not that much.

When you are moving the most common statement we hear is, “it’s not that much.”

In our experience it can take minutes to hours to prepare one room to be moved safely.  Take into consideration the following:

  • Is there any loose glass to be professionally prep’d (shelving, inserts, table tops)
  • Are there items to be disassembled (table legs, shelves, mirrors, frames)
  • Did you get to move the lamps you thought you’d handle yourself
  • Any stairs or elevators (not all things fit around landing corners or inside elevators)
  • Carrying items down a long driveway or from door to curbside will add some time to a move
  • Is everything in the room either furniture or a box – prior to movers arrival (we will box any item that is not safely prepared before loading)
  • Anything loose or needing special preparation that you might not have noticed (loose legs, cracked pieces, torn cushions, drawers full of “stuff”)

These are some of the things we take into consideration every day on every move in every room.  Please know that having the skills to accomodate you properly is what makes our team at East Coast Moving “professional”.  We appreciate your business!


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