Hot moves

Heat is a hazard for all of us, especially the outdoor workers like movers.

Do you know how too much heat can affect your health?

When your body cannot get rid of as much heat as is required to maintain a normal body temperature the following can occur:

Heat Rash — or “prickly heat”, this rash occurs when the sweat glands become plugged after much sweating over a long period of time. This reduces your ability to sweat and lose heat.

Heat Cramps — Cramps, which are sometimes severe, can occur in the muscles used for work like legs, arms and abdomen. This may result from the loss of salt and/or potassium during sweating.

Heat Exhaustion — Weakness, dizziness, fainting, headache, breathlessness, nausea and vomiting are symptoms of heat exhaustion. The skin may be pale and is very moist because sweating can be intense. Victims of heat exhaustion often do not notice the symptoms which means everyone needs to know and watch for the signs so you can help others.

What can you do for Heat Rash, Cramps, and Exhaustion?

  • move to a cool area
  • encourage rest – workers may need extra breaks
  • give cool liquids to drink – water is the best
  • place a cool, wet cloth on their forehead and neck

Additionally, please remember that movers will need your understanding as the heat “inside” the moving van is typically 15+ degrees hotter than it is outside. Safety first. A smooth move with us – “it’s a shore thing” with East Coast Moving.


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