Five Significant Moving Mistakes

Making mistakes are a part of human nature and the process of moving is no exception.

Making your list and checking it twice? The inventory list is exceptionally important. It’s the main way of checking that everything from the first home was packed up as it should be and got on the truck. It’s easy to be exhausted from the move but don’t mentally check out just yet and rush through the list. It’s easier to locate a missing item the day of the move than a month later when you discover you can’t find the box with your video camera and holiday tapes. Before signing off on the inventory sheet on delivery day, make sure you understand the process for filing claims for missing items. From the beginning be certain you understand the valuation option you assigned the company, in case of any loss or damage.

No survival kit? Smart movers make sure they have a personal moving survival kit that stays with them on that move-in day (and night) ensuring it goes smoothly for everyone in the family. This might include must-haves such as scissors, a screwdriver, address book, a flashlight, Johnny’s can’t-sleep-without blanket or  your toiletries, dog food, soap, coffee, toilet paper, water bottles, cleaners, paper towels, a television remote control and necessary medications for the whole family. Remember to have enough handy cash, too, so that you’ll be able to pay for that pizza delivery you’ll most certainly need.

Forgot the special care items? Not everything is able to be moved by movers. Ask your movers if there is anything they can’t transport ahead of time to prepare. For example, typically hazardous materials are a no no.  With all of the other things you’re worrying about, it’s easy to forget that the family pet needs to move too, something no mover can toss in a box. Visit your vet before moving day to make sure your pet has current shots, tags, certificates, and proper identification. Make sure you carry the animal’s papers with you, especially if you cross state lines.

Want to DIY? Even a move across town can be very complicated, and takes extensive advance planning. There are a huge number of potential pitfalls, from the wear and tear physically and potential damage to household goods, to unexpected or underestimated fuel costs. In the end, a do-it-yourself move may not be as “cheap” or as fun as figured (that would be about the time you drop the TV on your foot or discover the truck is fully loaded but a third of your house is still on the sidewalk). Leave plenty of time to research how you want to move and review movers to find a truly professional team. 

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