Moving House in Winter Tips


Winter can bring some negative aspects to a move and you need to know how to handle them so that you can create for yourself a unique, fun and easy moving experience. Here are the tips for moving in winter that you need:

  • Be well equipped. Be ready before the movers come with a shovel and sand, salt, gravel or kitty litter. If there is snow you will need to be ready to clean it up and sand, salt, etc. will make the area that the truck will pass well gritted. When the loading is complete take the shovel and the rest of the sand in the car with you. You may need to use them at your new home.
  • Protect your floors when moving. Place a temporary floor protection before the movers come. Don’t use cardboard inside the house – it may get wet, dirty and fall apart which will be in everyone’s way and may make someone trip over it. Movers usually place at the entrance of your house a moving blanket to keep mud and dirt out.
  • Ensure that the truck has where to park. Besides cleaning up the snow, scrape the ice and remove all the items from your driveway so that the truck will be able to stop as near as possible to your door.
  • Make sure your belongings are well packed. Don’t leave boxes outside as water will make the cardboard dissolve. Make sure that your home electronics and appliances are well packed. No water or moist could enter them as they may break; wrap up cables that belong to the appliances well. If you have musical instruments make sure they are well protected. Every item in your home needs to be well packed during a winter move out as there should be no snow or rain covering them. During a move in the winter moist can damage wood, metal, upholstery, etc. because you cannot clean them up immediately since they need to go into the truck and be loaded quickly – after all, you are most probably paying the moving labor by the hour. So getting precautions is the best option.
  • And of course remember to stay positive – a relocation is about a new opportunity and even in winter you can make a great beginning! You can move in the winter successfully and have a fun experience. Even if it is cold and snowy outside keep up your positive mood and enjoy yourself. A relocation means a new place, new opportunities, people and fun.
  • Get hot drinks and food for everyone. When moving a house in winter everyone who is working on your relocation would be happy to have some hot drinks. Coffee, tea and cocoa would do just fine. You can order for lunch pizza, hamburgers or Chinese and everyone will enjoy to have a break.

*Excerpts are either from or based on an article written by Pamela Smith:

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Author: Pamela Smith on March 26, 2013
A knowledgeable moving industry professional and expert writer at The Moving Blog.


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