Here’s the dirt on traveling with plants

If you, or your mover, are planning on taking your houseplants with you, here’s a few tips on ensuring their survival.  If the move is happening during the coldest or hottest months of the year, they would be better off in your car traveling with you or given as parting gifts to friends or neighbors. The plants won’t travel well if they need to spend an overnight in a freezing vehicle or baking a day or two in the trailer of a moving van.

For tall plants, like ficus or corn plants, wrap the container in an plastic trash bag and close it tightly with a zip tie around the trunk. Ask the movers to brace the plants between pieces of furniture rather than stacks of boxes which may shift around and damage your plants. For smaller, bushier plants, try to obtain boxes that the plant can slide into with very little surrounding space, then pack newspaper around the container preventing the plant from moving within the box; it’s fine to have the leaves protruding out of the top. Ask to have the smaller plants clustered together and braced by low heavier items.

Another way to help your plants adjust to their new surroundings is, if you know that you’ll be placing a plant in a new sun orientation, try to find a similar location in your current home. Give the plant a month or two to allow it to acclimate with new sun/shade hours.

One last suggestion is to pack a simple vase in your “need it right away” boxes. When you make your first food shopping foray, look for a simple bunch of flowers to bring home. That vase will come in handy when you place that bouquet of cheer on your kitchen counter or dining table.


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