Surviving The First Day or Two In Your New Home


If your move is scheduled within a week or two, you should already be thinking about packing your Essential Boxes. These priority boxes, that move with you in your personal vehicle, contain most everything you’ll need to establish a routine for the first few days in your new home. If you are traveling with children and pets, each child and pet should have their own Essentials Box. Besides clothing and accessories, you and your family will need to have bedroom, bathroom and kitchen items available immediately to transition into your new space.

For bedrooms, pack pillows, sheets, and blankets. Include foam pads if your beds are arriving after you move in.  If the previous owner removed curtains from the bedroom windows, you should consider purchasing temporary blinds. They are easy to attach to the window frame, can be cut to size, pull up and down in an accordion fashion and provide privacy where you’ll most likely need it. Your smart phone can act as your alarm clock and radio.

For bathrooms, pack all personal hygiene and bathing items, medications, small medical emergency kit, toilet paper, bath mat, towels and shower curtain and rings if your tub or shower is not self-enclosed.

For the kitchen, pack cutlery, glasses and dishes for each family member, a cutting knife, an all purpose cleaner (unopened), dish soap, dish towel, sponges, and paper towels.  Any basic cooking containers and utensils should be be in a box marked ‘priority’  that you can access first when you belongings arrive.

Pets like routine and though a move is completely out of their comfort zone, having their dishes, food, water and litter available and set up in relative proximity to their old space will make the transition a little less stressful.

If there are items that cannot be packed until the last minute, put a colorful note listing those ‘need to add’ items on top of the appropriate box. And remember, make sure that Essential Boxes are clearly marked and set away from the boxes that the movers are handling.

One last Essentials box to take with you is a modified tool kit. An adjustable pliers, both slot and Phillips screwdrivers, small hammer, ball of twine and a roll of electrical tape may come in handy when you least expect it.


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