Five Remodeling Projects Without Breaking the Budget!

Exterior of house

At East Coast Moving, LLC, we know there always seems to be a never-ending list of ‘to do’ projects around our homes. The list probably includes interior and exterior items but we’ve listed five that will vastly improve the look of your home and each for under $500.

Improving Curb Appeal: As the saying goes,”You only have one chance to make a first impression”, the same applies to your home. Spend time pulling weeds, planting perennials and trimming bushes. Make sure fences and steps are in good condition and change your faded or worn out mailbox with a new one.

Paint the Front Door: Instead of replacing your front door, dress it up with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. If you use the same manufacturer when replacing door hardware, the lock can be keyed to match your old one so you won’t need new keys. Put down a new doormat, add a large pot of seasonal greenery and your entrance will proudly say “Welcome!”

Paint Interior Walls: A fresh coat of paint can enhance your walls but changing the color can visually change the scale and ambiance of any room. If your rooms have tall ceilings or the walls need extensive repair, a professional may need to be hired but you may be able to handle painting window and door trim, baseboard or chair railing.

Update Lighting: Changing a focal point light fixture, such as a dining room chandelier, is relatively easy to do. Shop on-line, big-box stores or ask about floor samples at lighting stores to find the most cost effective choice. Lighting is one of the biggest factors in determining the feel of a room. If your built-in kitchen counters are poorly lit, investigate under cabinet LEDs. Perhaps your living room needs a softer look – consider changing lampshades instead of the entire fixture and install warm rather than cool bulbs.

Install New Toilets: If your toilet was installed before 1995, replacing it will save thousands of gallons of water you won’t have to pay for and be environmentally proactive as well. New models are available for under $200 so you’ll have a little extra left to upgrade storage, lighting or mirrors in your bathroom.


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