The Senior Citizen Discount Card

East Coast Moving, LLC is a proud sponsor of The Senior Citizen Discount Card Connecting LOCAL Businesses with Senior Citizens so Everyone can Benefit.

Senior Citizens simply check our website to see a current list of participating businesses.  These businesses are listed by state, city and category.

The business listings include the website for the participating business if they have one. So you can click on the business website and learn more about the participating business.  Senior Citizens age 60 and older present their card at any of the participating businesses at time of purchase to receive their discount. The Seniors receive these discounts without the hassle of clipping or managing coupons.

Most of the Participating businesses have signage in their business to remind our Seniors of their available discount and they also have cards available, so please ask for your Senior Citizen Discount Card when visiting one of our businesses.

Seniors can use their card in their own community or other communities wherever the card is accepted.  So, even if the Senior Citizen is traveling outside of their own home area, they can use their card at any participating business.

Always look for the purple window sign:


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