Essential Things You Should have in Your Emergency Kit

Water – Water is the most important thing you will need in your emergency kit, but it is also the hardest to store. Your regular water source could be contaminated and there may not be any electricity to run water. You’ll need water to bathe, drink and flush toilets. Bottled water is best. You can leave a bath tub full as a reserve.

Food – Canned soup and vegetables, boxed cereal, crackers, bread, peanut butter and other nonperishable food should be included in your emergency kit. Store at least three days’ worth of food. Don’t pack foods with a lot of sodium that will make you thirsty.

First Aid Kit – You should have a first aid kit to treat minor injuries. Bandages, ointment, burn ointment and other supplies should be in your first aid kit. You should also keep prescription medication doses in your kit in case you can’t access a drug store.

Flashlights – If your power goes out you will need to have some form of lighting. Keep flashlights handy in your emergency kit, along with batteries to power them.

Blankets – Every person in your home should have a blanket, especially if you live in a colder area. Keep extra clothing as a part of your emergency kit as well. Store pillows and bedding for extra comfort during and after the storm.

Cash & Gasoline– After a storm, banks and gas stations may not be open and ATM’s may not work. Keep cash in your emergency kit. Before a storm hits, be sure to go to the bank or ATM and withdraw money and fill your automobile’s gas tank. Some businesses may reopen after a storm even if they don’t have power, but without power, your credit cards will be useless to purchase anything.

Utensils – You don’t want to be using your fingers to dig in cans to eat. Also a manual can opener is ideal.

Tape and Plywood – you may need to ready the house/damage control – use tape on the inside of some windows and board up any outside open spaces to ensure flying debris does no damage, and to keep out water and winds of course.

Entertainment – grab some old board games to keep you busy and distracted, after all its a great time to kick back with your family – because, well you have to.


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