“MOVING” into Fall at your house



Festive fall decorations with pumpkins and gourds

Use creative ideas and unusual materials to personalize your Halloween decorations and Thanksgiving centerpieces. Add decorative balls, sea shells, rocks, large buttons, lace and ribbons in white, orange, yellow, red and purple colors to your pumpkin and gourd centerpiece ideas. Anything that will match your holiday table decoration theme is perfect to combine with pumpkins, gourds, fall vegetables and fruits.




Simple and cheap fall decorations created with natural materials




Pumpkin and flower arrangements, fall table decorations and centerpieces

Strong and elegant, spectacular and bright, these fall flowers can demonstrate the beauty of the fall season and add amazing accents to fall home decorating ideas. Flower arrangements with mums and chrysanthemums help emphasize the gracious elegance of roses and lilies, blending various shaped into glamorous floral table centerpieces.





Fall leaves in glass vase, colorful fall table centerpiece idea

Dried fall leaves are a wonderful way to add bold accents to room colors and brighten up interior decorating. Dried autumn leaves make fantastic table decorations. They look great on doors, windows and walls. Dried fall leaves are the colorful natural material for making garlands and hanging home decorations. Fireplace decorating with fall leaves look impressive. Wall mirrors, bed headboards, shelves, windows and doors with wreaths and garlands made with colorful fall leaves turn ordinary home furnishings and architectural features into spectacular centerpieces.




Outdoor party table decoration, Thanksgiving decorating ideas

Dried leaves, chestnuts, pine cones, acorns, white and red berries, evergreen branches and dried grass or moss can be added to dried fall leaves and blooming in fall flowers for creating beautiful arrangements and table decorations. Natural materials are perfect for enhancing fall decorating with natural colors, interesting shapes and fabulous textures.




Natural fall table centerpiece ideas with leaves and apples for Green living space decorating.




Simple Fall table decoration, gourds and apples centerpiece idea

A simple jack-o-lantern centerpiece or arrangements with fresh flowers and fall vegetables are great ways to spend time with kids and save money on fall   decorating. Flower and candles centerpieces with colorful pumpkins and gourds look dramatic, while roasted pumpkin seeds make a crunchy and healthy snack.




Pumpkin bowl with ice and small gourds for fall party table decoration



Colorful fireplace decorating in vintage style


Fall decorations for fireplace mantel in vintage style

Fall decorating in vintage style can be simple and elegant. Fall leaves and ceramic pumpkin decorations, combined with a bright fall leaves wreath and decorating accessories in vintage style that you have in your home enhance the spirit of the season, creating calming, beautiful and inviting fireplace decorating.




Apple and berries, harvest inspired handmade heart decorations for doors, fences, windows or walls.





Creative fall crafts and ideas to make home decorations and table centerpiece with acorns




Floral centerpiece with pumpkin, moss and apples for fall table decoration

Your Thanksgiving table centerpiece ideas can be different, adding bold splashes of color, texture and surprising details to any of your floral arrangements or table decorations. Here is a collection of a few unique and easy Thanksgiving centerpieces for fall celebrations and table decoration in simple and elegant eco style.











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