Safety Circles!!

How to Properly Navigate Single-Lane and Multi-Lane Roundabouts





  1. Slow down as you approach a roundabout.
    -At this point, you will typically see a “yield” and “round
    about ahead” sign.
    -Speed limit is typically between 15-20mph
  2. Look left for incoming traffic.roundabout-sign
    -Traffic in the roundabout has the right-of-way.
    -If empty (or open) chance to move forward arises, take it.
  3. Use Turn Signal at you desired exit.
    -Turn signals warn other drivers of your intentions.
    -Safety precaution helping to avoid accidents.


  1. Yield to both lanes of traffic.
  2. Choose which lane to enter based on desired exit.
    -Left lane: Used to turn left, make a U-Turn, or stay straight.
    -Right lane: Used to turn right or stay straight.

Helpful Warnings!

  1. If an emergency vehicle is entering or has already entered the roundabout, DO NOT STOP! Exit the roundabout as you had previously planned and pull over once you have completely left the roundabout.
  2. NEVER drive next to or behind a large vehicle.
    -Large trucks make wide turns and you may end up being in their blind spot!
  3. Stay in your lane.
    -You cannot (should not) change lanes once inside the roundabout.
  4. DO NOT stop inside of a roundabout!
    -This could cause congestion and accidents.
  5. Yield to pedestrians in crosswalk.
  6. The circle in the middle of the roundabouts exists to help pedestrians safely cross the road.


*If you’re a cyclist, you have two options.*
1. Enter the roundabout as if you were a vehicle. Remain centered in the so vehicles have a better chance of seeing you. 
 2. Exit roadway. If you’re uncomfortable navigating the roundabout on a bicycle, use the crosswalks.


 1. Look left, when there’s a clear shot, go to the middle of the roundabout. 
 2. Look right when you reach your desired exit direction, and exit the roundabout. 



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