Could the moving company you called be a SCAM?

Cheaper is not always better
Oftentimes, the moving company will offer a ridiculously low price only to inflate it after performing your move and adding on hidden fees. Avoid this by always getting estimates from at least three different moving companies.

Belongings held hostage
Unprofessional movers may hold your goods hostage on their truck, refusing to unload your belongings until you pay them extra. A company may seem legitimate, but if they refuse to unload your items until additional money is forked over, you’re being ripped off. A licensed mover knows 10% of your estimated cost is max for collection before unloading you.

A large cash deposit
In the moving industry, demanding a large cash deposit in advance is unheard of. Is your company asking for an exorbitant sum before even starting your move? Sounds like it’s time to go with a different company.

Shady practices
If the company won’t provide you with information such as their address, and license numbers, refuses to put quotes in writing, won’t do an in-home estimate or arrives in a rental truck or a truck without a company logo, you are probably being scammed by untrustworthy individuals.


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