How to Prepare for the Movers

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1. Properly pack/box up your breakables
Unless your move includes a full packing service, it’ll be up to you to properly protect via
box the breakable parts of your belongings before the movers arrive. Furniture & boxes
should be ready for loading by your moving team.
2. Let the movers know where to park
Parking – this simple yet oh-so-important detail is often overlooked during the moving
process. You’ll need to make sure the movers have a spot to park their large truck. If
this isn’t in your own personal driveway, you’ll need to secure a parking pass for street
parking or special permission for parking in a shared driveway. Check low hanging
trees that you may need to trim. Also confirm newly poured driveways are good for the
weight of a moving truck with your contractor.
3. Prepare and protect your house
Before the movers arrive, it’s up to you to properly prepare and protect both your old
and new home. If the weather brings rain, snow, ice or sleet, you’ll need to keep your
home free of water and soil damage. Some Shippers put out sheets of paper or
blankets or tarps on the floors, doorsteps, entryway and hallway. No matter the weather,
I recommend covering hardwood floors as the movers will have to keep their shoes on
for safety.
4. Make sure your furniture will fit through the door
Chances are, a professional moving company will be able to get your furniture out of
your old home and into your new one without a problem. However, if doorways are
particularly small or furniture particularly bulky and large, your movers may need a
heads up. This way they can plan ahead and bring the right supplies for your move. If
something physically does not fit it will not be moved. It is your responsibility to know if
the goods will safely, physically fit and their approximate weight and dimension.
5. Plan for your pets
Don’t forget your pets! Before the movers arrive, make sure to have a plan for your pet
on moving day. Keep in mind that the movers will need to be able to leave the front door
wide open while they load and unload their trucks. Unfortunately, this will make it
especially easy for loose pets to escape outside.
6. Have cash on hand for tipping
Do you have to tip your movers? No, of course not. But for movers who do an excellent
job, what better way to show your appreciation than with some dollar bills? Before the
movers arrive, plan to have cash on hand.


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