Customer Praise

ECM Winter

Dear Carrie,

I’m sorry I didn’t send you an email last week but we’ve had several house showings back to back and life as been a bit crazy since we returned from Florida.

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful our move was, thanks to your company and the guys who did all the heavy lifting. They were so helpful, careful and very funny (in a good way) while keeping things rolling throughout the whole process. It must be quite a hard thing to drive as far and still be raring to go the day you’re expected to unload everything all over again. They were always cheerful and helpful as to the placement of certain pieces of furniture. We even laughed and said they need to include “decorating advice” in their job descriptions.

Both of us were former owners of a small business and we perceived Brian as a young guy who is a valuable employee – very conscientious and thorough, explaining each charge and making sure everything was in order. I know you would be pleased to hear that we noticed how carefully he looked after his truck and how he made sure everything was out back in order.

The guys tease each other but Brian is businesslike again when they all need to be. Nothing broken, dented, cracked or otherwise any different than when it left Brunswick County. You will forever have our appreciation and praise for making everything completely easy for us.

Warmest regards,
Susan & Ned Gehris

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