Keeping Christmas Time Jolly

Merry Christmas pic

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year or the most stressful time of the year. Here are some tips to keep you feeling jolly for Christmas!

-Seek a Fresh Perspective

Take one task that drives you crazy during the holidays and tackle it in a new way. A fresh approach just might make a difference.

-Be Satisfied

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Everything doesn’t have to look like its straight out of Joanna Gaines’ shop (Even if it is AMAZING)

-Drop the Expensive, High Stress Traditions

Just because it’s a “Tradition” doesn’t mean you can’t make new (less expensive) ones. So stop worrying about dragging your whole family to see the Nutcracker for the 100th time, listening to them whine every step of the way. Instead go drive around to local neighborhoods to see the lights, or even something silly like  a Christmas Eve pancake bar!

-Focus on What’s Most Important

Stop worrying about sending that third cousin that you met once when you were five at a family reunion a Christmas card, instead narrow it down to the 10 most important people in your life.

-Stop to Smell the LEMONS…

I know the old saying goes to stop and smell the roses, well an even better (and less likely to irritate your allergies) rendition is to smell lemons. Studies say the scent of lemons instantly boasts your mood!

-Remember to HAVE FUN!

Everyone gets so stressed around the Holidays that they can’t wait for them to be over. Christmas is supposed to be  joyous time, so forget everything and HAVE FUN!ca42ccf54e36d1cb8c72a565bd9f2a98

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