Prevent a Spooky, Scary Moving Day

Find a moving company that is licensed and insured – Don’t take chances with companies not licensed with the U.S. DOT, they should have their DOT number in a visible place on their website.

These are PROFESSIONAL and certified moving companies.  Don’t let just anyone move you.  It’s easy to have piece of mind when you know your items will be properly taken care of.

Especially when moving to a new state, make sure you have all vital paperwork and documentation with you.  Don’t leave it with the movers, otherwise you may not have it when you need it.

Plan ahead!  Start the preparation process as soon as possible.  Don’t wait until the last minute to try booking your move with a moving company.  Dates fill up fast and early for most good quality movers, at LEAST a month ahead of time is suggested for contacting companies to book your move.

Know what you are and are not packing yourselves.  Breakables like  lamps, glass table tops, dishes, TVs, pictures or artwork all require extra care.. some of these you can carefully pack or box yourself with proper padding to keep them safe.  But for everything else, remember that packing services and materials provided by moving companies are usually the most expensive part of a move.

You can always move out of your house and into a storage unit before you go into your new home.  If you choose to do this, make sure to do your research to find storage facilities that have the best reviews and lowest prices near you.  Your moving company can usually give you some good suggestions for places to start your search.

If you’re moving into or out of an apartment building, always talk to someone about any requirements, rules or suggestions they have for the movers and their truck on your move day.  Including parking and elevator usage.  Communicate this conversation to your moving company so that both sides know what will be happening.

Do a full sweep of your house before you leave it for good to make sure nothing was missed. For more information, visit this site.

When you are ready to move, East Coast Moving will be here when you need us! A smooth move with us, is a “shore” thing!

-East Coast Moving Team

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