Thanksgiving History

Thanksgiving is the time of year to practice gratitude, spend time with family. Eat way more than you thought possible, and of course enjoy some football. When people think of Thanksgiving, most remember the story of the Pilgrims and the Indians at Plymouth Rock. The Pilgrims first arrived in America on December 11,1620. Not prepared for the winter they were to face. Out of the 102 who arrived on the Mayflower, forty-six of the people who died during the first few months. Despite the devastation, they had a good harvest, partly in thanks to the Indians who lived nearby.

They had a traditional British Feast in thanks to God for surviving and the blessings of provisions that would see them through the winter. Thanksgiving menu, they had more meat than vegetables, including venison, fish, and wild foul. They probably did not have much in the way of deserts, as they did not have a lot of flour or sugar on hand. They probably had some fruits and corn. Instead of pumpkin pie they had boiled pumpkin.

It was not until 1863 that what we know as Thanksgiving now. That is when the last Thursday in November was proclaimed the National Thanksgiving Holiday this was done by Abraham Lincoln. It was celebrated on this date for 75 years until President Roosevelt set the day one week earlier to lengthen the shopping period between Thanksgiving and Christmas to help businesses. So now Thanksgiving is observed on the 4th Thursday of every November. Thanksgiving Day is a day that is set aside for people to give thanks with feasting and prayers for the blessings that they have received during the year. We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from our East Coast family to yours! Our main office is closed on Thursday Nov. 26th,2020. In observance of our holiday season!

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