11 Very Important Things To Do After Moving

Moving to a new house can be incredibly stressful. When you first arrive, you will want to open that bottle of wine and celebrate! BUT, with good organization, that will happen sooner rather than later. When you arrive to your new home it is always important to make a checklist with all the necessary things to do to ease the stress. Here are some ways to turn that stress to success!!

  • Get your utilities up and running.

  • Unpack the essentials. (The best thing about unpacking is that you can complete it at a much more comfortable pace.)

  • Locate the fuse box, propane shutoff, and the main water supply shut off.

  • Help your pets adjust. Try to pay more attention to their needs and spend as much time with them as possible)
  • Update your address with post office.

  • Update voter registration.

  • Register your car and get a new license.

  • Locate and choose a good health care provider.

  • Install a home security system. (learn how to use it also; those things can be complicated!)

  • Greet your new neighbors. (Inviting them over for coffee is always a great start)

  • Write a moving review. (Once the chaos is behind you, you should take time and rate your movers. This way, you can help others make their choice easier and better)

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