Moving in the Summer Do’s and Don’ts.

The majority of moves in America happen sometime between Memorial Day and Labor Day. While moving in the summer is a lot easier for most families it can also be downright miserable thanks to the season’s unbearable heat. Here are some do’s and don’ts so your move can go more smoothly.

  • Hire professionals to help with the heavy lifting, so that you can concentrate on moving matters.
  • Don’t forget water bottles for yourself and the movers.
  • Apply sunscreen if you plan on being outside for most of your move day.
  • Don’t plan on moving during a holiday weekend. Not only will there be less movers and truck rentals available to help with your move but think of the traffic!
  • Don’t wear heavy fabrics on moving day it is not the time to be uncomfortable!
  • Turn the AC on in your new home if you are close enough. The last thing you’ll want is to arrive at a home that’s incredibly hot. If you are not close to your new home be sure to turn on the AC as soon as you arrive.

Enjoy your summer and happy moving!

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