8 End of Summer Cleaning Tips

Once Labor Day has passed and school has started, that pretty much marks the end of summer for most people.   Out with the heat and in with the cooler weather and thoughts of upcoming holidays. The end of summer means trading your sleeveless tops and flip flops for warmer clothes.  With the kids back in school (homeschool or otherwise) we have a little more time for other things, and now is a great time to do an end of summer clean up!

Wash And Store The Beach Towels

Since the outdoor pool and beach season has come to an end, give those beach towels their much-needed cleaning and disinfecting before you prepare them for storage.

Change Your Air Conditioner Filters

After running the air conditioning all summer this is a great time to change your air conditioner filter one last time before winter, too.  Because we all know changing it once a month throughout the summer months will help it work better.

Scrub Your Outdoor Furniture

Give your outdoor furniture a little more love with a thorough cleaning! Remove all the built up debris and keep them looking good by spraying them with an all-purpose cleaner and wiping them down with a damp cloth or sponge.

Sweep The Garage

Clean out your garage and get rid of all the grass and debris that accumulated during the hot weather months.  If you are worrying that cleaning your garage is hard, there are simple ways you can maintain the cleanliness of your garage.

Clean The Barbecue Grill

After days of summer barbecues, your grill could use a serious cleaning to remove all of the cooked-on grit and grime.  

Prevent Your Items From Getting Grimy

You may not be aware but your favorite summer essentials may get grimy and even mildewed if not stored properly.  The floaties, plastic pool toys, and rafts need to be cleaned.

Don’t Forget The Garden

Be sure to clean all of the garden tools.  You want to make sure they are well disinfected so they don’t spread any disease.  It’s a good idea to disinfect them each time you move from one plant to another, too.

Check Your Weather-proofing

Keep your family safe and bring down your utility bills with weatherproofing.  Unnoticeable small leaks can threaten your whole family’s health. 


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