9 Simple Steps to Move out in a Month

Step 1: Organize and Clean to Start Preparing to Move Out Start organizing and cleaning your current home as soon as you find out your moving. This way you know what you have and you don’t get overwhelmed by a messy home. Do a deep cleaning in every room, even if the move is a month away. Organizing all the belongings in you home will help you pack like things together more easily than if everything is everywhere.

Step 2: Pack up Decor and Seasonal Items If there are no major holidays coming up before you move, make sure you pack up all of your holiday and seasonal décor and items. Along with out of season clothes and regular décor. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to choose a space in your home to stack all of the boxes that you’ll be packing up before you move.

Step 3: Gather Packing Supplies If you are moving on a budget DO NOT GO OVERBOARD here. You don’t need to buy fancy bubble wrap or packing peanuts or anything like that. Seriously, you don’t, it’s just a waste of money. Use dish towels to help cushion dishes, or you know all those plastic bags you get your groceries in that you don’t want; use those.

Step 4: Pack Up Anything You Know You Won’t Use in the Next Few Weeks This will include, hopefully, most of the items in your kitchen, physical copies of movies, books, and whatever else you may have that you know you could live without for a few weeks. This should be the majority of your packing and should be done before your final week at your old home.

Step 5: Update Address About 2 weeks before you move you should update your address. Along with telling friends and families about your new address, there will be companies and doctors offices that you’ll need to inform, as well.

Step 6: Pack All Non-Essentials At the beginning of your final week in your home, you’ll want to pack up everything that you can live without for a few days; ALL of the non-essentials.

Step 7: Clean Again and Pack All Essentials Once you have the majority of your belongings packed, make sure you do a deep cleaning again. It should be a lot easier this time! Then, the day before you move, pack up the rest of your belongings. Well, all but toothbrushes, stuff to use during your shower, and whatever it is that you may be sleeping on for your last night in your old home.

Step 8: Move Everything to New Home Then comes moving day!

Step 9: Clean Old Home for the Last Time and Fix any Minor Damage The final step you’ll have to worry about concerning your old home; do one more deep clean and fixing any minor damages that may have occurred while living there. AKA making sure there’s no crayon on the walls.


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