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Sunset @ Sunset event!

Saturday October 2nd 2021!

Come and see East Coast Moving at the town of Sunset Beach’s Community Block Party!

The event will the held on October 2nd 2021 at 7625 High Market Street. The property will be located between LA Cucina and Fibbers. Corners of Sunset Blvd. and Park. There will be a lot food, crafts, vendors, bands and non-profits for you to enjoy!

We hope to see y'all there! 

For more information please visit !

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Career New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Keep!


  1. Try things that work for you to help you be healthier at work- You could pack a lunch instead of eating out, try a standing desk, or try taking the stairs.
  2. Set a goal to learn 1 new skill- Choose one thing that you’ve always wanted to know or something that would benefit you the most in your profession.
  3. Update your resume-After you learn that new skill, update your resume!
  4.  Find a work mentor- Find one person who inspires you, whether it be someone in your profession, or just someone who is just a rockstar and makes you want to succeed.
  5. Attend at least 1 networking event- Networking is super important and can boost your career exponentially.
  6. Lastly, Measure you work-life balance. BALANCE is key! Burnout can hurt your career drastically.
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Great news, you’ve sold your old house! Now What?


You’ve sold your old house and found a new home to move into! Now, it’s time to close both deals. Coordinating your move and your closing can be a tricky process, laden with possible delays and costly complications. Here are three smart tips for how to keep your closing and moving process quick and easy.

Communication is Key: Just in case something delays your ability to move or close at a certain time, make sure you keep open the lines of communication with the buyers of your home, the sellers of the home you’re buying, your movers and the lawyers involved in the process. When dealing with a process as time and money-consuming as moving, anything you can do to conserve these valuable resources is worthwhile.

Plan Ahead: Thinking about a day-of timeline ensures that you realistically give yourself enough time for each step in the process, and it gives you the opportunity to avoid any major time snags. Prevention is the best medicine, and stressing out on moving day because of poor timing is not a place you want to be.

Take Your Time, Make Lists: Before you leave your old house for good, make sure all your boxes have been loaded in the truck, and there are no stray items hiding away in cabinets or closets. Losing anything is bad, but losing something of monetary or personal value, is even worse. Keep your valuables close on moving day, or if you’re trusting them to the movers, make sure you document where they’re securely and safely packed.

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Going The Extra Mile

Everyone agrees moving is no easy task, but it can be a rewarding experience. Some of our current feedback sound like this, “Fabulous! Went above and beyond Chris even did carpentry work-will always use East Coast for all our moves-Carrie made everything fall into place perfectly-Robert was the best” –Mary O. of Sunset Beach, NC.

Lauren N. from Montville, New Jersey wrote a whole thank you letter! Here are some of the excerpts, “You helped to support me through what, as you were well aware, was a very stressful endeavor. […] The way they wrapped every single piece was well beyond what I expected. […] Your team saved me!! They were just amazing from start to finish. […] Anyway, the care this team took to unpack the truck, arrange the furniture and place the boxes where they belonged was amazing. […] Would I recommend them? You bet! And, in fact, will be calling on you again when we are ready to move from this rental to our forever new home.”

Sharing this feedback can be your reassurance that East Coast Moving does come through when promising a smooth move with us, it’s a “shore” thing!

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ECMllc is an Affiliate Member

The Better Business Bureau received more than 8,900 complaints against both licensed and unlicensed movers in 2010 — a 5% increase over 2009, says spokeswoman Sheila Adkins.

Please be advised that East Coast Moving LLC of Shallotte North Carolina has been an “Affiliate” Member of the Better Business Bureau since 2004 and will remain your personal, professional moving company always.

What is an affiliate member?  A member having partial status or privileges…. have in mind, think of – intend to refer to.

At East Coast Moving, a smooth move with us .., it’s a “shore” thing!   We greatly appreciate your business and your referrals.