Customer Praise

October 4, 2019

ECM Winter

Dear Carrie,

I’m sorry I didn’t send you an email last week but we’ve had several house showings back to back and life as been a bit crazy since we returned from Florida.

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful our move was, thanks to your company and the guys who did all the heavy lifting. They were so helpful, careful and very funny (in a good way) while keeping things rolling throughout the whole process. It must be quite a hard thing to drive as far and still be raring to go the day you’re expected to unload everything all over again. They were always cheerful and helpful as to the placement of certain pieces of furniture. We even laughed and said they need to include “decorating advice” in their job descriptions.

Both of us were former owners of a small business and we perceived Brian as a young guy who is a valuable employee – very conscientious and thorough, explaining each charge and making sure everything was in order. I know you would be pleased to hear that we noticed how carefully he looked after his truck and how he made sure everything was out back in order.

The guys tease each other but Brian is businesslike again when they all need to be. Nothing broken, dented, cracked or otherwise any different than when it left Brunswick County. You will forever have our appreciation and praise for making everything completely easy for us.

Warmest regards,
Susan & Ned Gehris

Come See us at Sunset @ Sunset

September 27, 2019

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Come by and see East Coast Moving at Sunset @ Sunset!

DATE: Oct 5, 2019, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

ADDRESS: 7625 High Market St , Sunset Beach, NC 28468

PHONE: (910) 579-6297

Fabulous music, crafts and food all day. It’s easy to reach the site of Sunset at Sunset. It’s right in front of the Ingram Planetarium on Sunset Boulevard, and traffic coordinators are happy to guide you. There’s great food, more than 100 quality vendors, a Kid’s Korner, and fun all day long.

PRICE RANGE: Free admission


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10 Mistakes People Make When Moving

September 20, 2019

1. Failing to research your mover
Thoroughly check your moving company before committing to a contract. Are your movers licensed by your state’s Department of Transportation? Have you examined their record with the Better Business Bureau? Did you check their references? East Coast Moving is fully licensed, BBB accredited , and voted Best of Brunswick!

2. Spending too much on packing
Boxes and newspaper are easy to come by, and often free of charge. Any local grocery store/ super-center will give you free boxes if you ask.

3. Packing heavy items in large boxes
Heaviest items should always go in the smallest possible boxes. Your movers will thank you later.

lifting heavy box

4. Forgetting to take measurements
Make sure to measure the clearance space in your new residence prior to moving day. You don’t want to arrive at your new home only to find that your furniture won’t fit through the front door.

5. Packing flammable, explosive or corrosive materials
You’ll be in violation of the law and put yourself and your movers in danger.

6. Losing your bill of lading
The bill of lading is the contract between you and your movers. It is essential to reference it if any problems arise along the way, so treat it with care.

7. Leaving outside of boxes blank
Label your boxes thoroughly. Include handling instructions, information on the box’s contents, and the room it’s destined for in your new home. You especially want to label any fragile items.

8. Taking taxes too lightly
There are specific guidelines as to which move-related items are tax-deductible and which aren’t. Make sure to check out the IRS website in advance of your move, and keep all relevant receipts.

9. Disrespecting your movers
Make sure to introduce yourself to everyone on your moving crew and have refreshments at the ready. Making a good impression could make your move a lot less stressful.

10. Forgetting to change your address
Don’t forget to change your address or you could find yourself late on your bills!


Want to Enjoy the Feeling of Christmas at Anytime of the Year?

September 11, 2019


New studies have shown, spending some time outside in a park can pick up your mood as much as Christmas Day. “This kind of indicates that people may be getting out of this negative frame of mind that they might be in in their day-to-day life, and going to the parks might provide a kind of stress relief,” said Aaron Schwartz, a Ph.D. student at the University of Vermont, who co-authored the study. So if you’re having a bad day, just head to your local park!


Here are our easy tips to pack up your fragile items and keep them safe:

August 29, 2019

1. Prepare in advance. Packing up valuable crystal, porcelain and other breakables requires some time. This is not the place to rush. If you are not hiring movers, start well in advance of moving day and take the time to properly pack these items.

2. Have the right tools. Here’s what you need: quality boxes in various sizes; packing paper, bubble wrap, pliable cardboard, scissors, and packing tape. A large table to lay out your items and pack on is also an essential tool.

3. How to pack the most popular fragile items:

Plates – plates should be packed vertically in small to medium boxes lined with crumpled packing paper on the bottom and top. Wrap each plate in bubble wrap and secure with tape. Place paper in between the standing plates. Do not over pack the box. You Move Me has dish packs available for purchase, whether hiring our packing service or doing it yourself.

Glasses – wrap glasses individually with packing paper and place crumpled paper inside the large pieces to diminish empty space. Line small or medium boxes with ample packing paper, top and bottom. Layer spaces around glasses with paper as well. Place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box, with lighter pieces on top.

Lamps – lamp shades should be boxed (flat side down) separately with lots of paper. Bases can be placed in a large box if necessary and bubble wrap used where appropriate.

Pictures/Frames – picture frames should be placed in paper lined small to medium boxes, and standing if more than 8 inches, with crumpled paper in between each piece. Wrap frames in packing paper. Top frames with more packing paper to ensure items don’t move around in the box. Pictures that are over 3 feet in size should be secured with a moving blanket, plastic wrapped, and moved separately.

Many people use old towels, small blankets, newsprint, or even paper towels to wrap their fragile items. These are not wise choices. Newsprint can be dirty and means you have even more washing to do in your new home. Paper towels are not strong or reliable. Old towels slip easy and cannot be secured with tape, which is essential for proper packing of valuables. Please invest in the proper tools and you won’t be sorry.

Finally, be sure to let your movers know which boxes contain fragile items. If you are at all unsure about your packing skill, ask for help. Most moving companies carry specialized boxes for fragile items, such as the dish packs and mirror/picture frame packs that You Move Me keeps in stock.


Tips For Moving This Scorching Summer!

August 21, 2019

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Get The Utilities Turned On Before The Move

Moving can be exhausting and hot in it’s self, let alone in the smoldering heat! Having the A/C on when you move can help make everyone be more productive and focused on the task at hand.

Bring Portable Fans

If you can’t get the power turned on or the A/C isn’t working, bring portable fans! You can easily find battery powered fan at any big chain store ( Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, ect.). These are especially great to have in the garage even if the A/C is on to keep the air flowing.                                                                                                Image result for melting

Have Cold Towels On Hand

Putting wet towels in the fridge/freezer or a cooler with ice, can make a big difference! Everyone moving will be significantly cooler and happier.

Don’t Forget The WATER!

Staying hydrated is very important! Only water should be consumed. Soda, energy  drinks, coffee, and tea will dehydrate you.

8 Things to Keep in Your Storm Shelter

August 15, 2019

    Image result for taking shelter during hurricane clipart8 Things to Keep in Your Storm Shelter:

1. Have EVERYONE put on their tennis shoes.

2. Wear Bicycle Helmets.

3. Take Bottled Water and Crackers.

4.  Put a Leash on Your Pet.

5. Radio or Weather Radio.

6. Have a First Aid Kit.

7. Flashlight.

8. Phone Charger.

Building Brunsco Kids Expo

August 7, 2019

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The Building Brunsco Kids Expo is the Chamber’s new event geared towards the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners. Being held this year under the Bridge at Holden Beach, NC.

The event offers kids ages seven to seventeen an opportunity to create, develop and market a product or service that they are passionate about. The kid vendors will learn and use business soft skills such as math, communication and creative thinking. The expo teaches our young entrepreneurs how to develop and market their product or service.
Browse and shop from these unique Kid Vendors and please be sure to bring plenty of CASH, as credit cards and checks will not be accepted! Don’t forget to bring your business cards to the chamber table, as we will be having a give away for a basket full of items donated by these kid vendors.
Stay for the Awards presentation as we acknowledge the following categories: Most Original Business Idea, Highest Business Potential and Best Presentation/Creativity in each age group.

Paws-Ability 3rd Annual Bandfest- proud sponsor

May 31, 2019

National Maritime Day Celebration 5/25/19

May 22, 2019


National Maritime Day Celebration

May 25: National Maritime Day Celebration, 12 – 3pm, FREE 

North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport
204 E Moore St, Southport, NC

Join us as we celebrate National Maritime Day in a festival on the Ft. Johnston Garrison Lawn complete with hands-on activities and local food. Starting with the Age of Sail and continuing through to present day, learn about the First Mariners and those who carry on traditions today! No registration required.