How to Prep for the Holidays


  1. Plan ahead
  2. Develop a budget for the holidays
  3. Shop ahead
  4. Start decluttering
  5. Cook/Bake ahead
  6. Make reservations for holiday travel
  7. Plan some fun events for you and your family
  8. Get a jump on your holiday cards/letter
  9. Make personal time and self-care a priority, even during the holidays

Tips and Tricks moving with Children


  • Ask for help with the children, it can be more stressful than the packing itself
  • Use color coded duct tape to separate each room or person.
  • Online yard sales and groups to sell any unwanted items
  • Have a few new and exciting surprises such as a new toy or bed set to help them settle into the new home
  • Pack an overnight bag for the first night in the new home



Packing is the easy part… Right?


Whether you’re packing for a move, or packing up decorations, or even following that New Year’s resolution to clean out the attic and donate all your gently used belongings that you haven’t seen since last year, it can be difficult to even know where to start. Better yet, do you have all the packing materials you need?

Sturdy cardboard boxes of different sizes (They make boxes specifically for almost anything these days).

Packing/Duct tape (You will probably need both, and using different colors is a great way to separate what goes where once the box is closed).

Bubble wrap (Preferably some that you haven’t popped all the bubbles out of, hard to resist).

Old newspapers ­­(You could even use old wrapping paper if one of your resolutions is to recycle).

Sharpies of different colors (You’ll need as many as you have rooms in your home, or places to donate, etc).

Pen & Paper (For your inventory list).

Plastic baggies (To collect screws and small parts that go with furniture. Tape each bag onto the corresponding piece of furniture.)

Heavy-duty garbage bags (For items that aren’t as fragile that you are donating or throwing away).

Tools (To take apart furniture and put it back together; don’t forget your screws, nuts, and bolts).


Don’t Get Wrapped Up In Packing


Most everyone knows that feeling of overwhelming defeat when they walk into a room to begin packing. When just two days prior, when speaking with a mover, you had insisted you really don’t have that much. Professional packing is the most expensive part of moving, so if you can – go for it.

Know that you are in the majority when you find yourself wondering where you even got all of your stuff.  JUST DON’T PROCRASTINATE. Chances are you don’t have to finish all of the packing in one day. Set goals for packing, maybe the attic one weekend and then next weekend start the kitchen. For some packing room by room helps, others start with what they use the least often, and a few just completely go through everything and de-clutter their living space.

Be honest with yourself. There is a common method for cutting down what you bring from one home to the new one, you should have three designated boxes and one trash can. The three boxes are divided into “Keep & Use”, “Keep & Store”, and “Sell or Donate”, the trash can is for anything that doesn’t belong in the three boxes.  Anything you haven’t used in a year, donate or sell it. If you held onto a teddy bear as a keepsake but can’t remember who gave it to you, donate or sell it. If it is broken or you wouldn’t lend it to a friend or family member in that condition, trash it.  

Almost every aspect of moving is overwhelming, but if you get organized early and plan ahead it can be an exciting time. When in doubt, call your mover to ask how to prepare or pack safely.  If it isn’t furniture – it needs protected via a box before professional movers handle it.

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Going The Extra Mile

Everyone agrees moving is no easy task, but it can be a rewarding experience. Some of our current feedback sound like this, “Fabulous! Went above and beyond Chris even did carpentry work-will always use East Coast for all our moves-Carrie made everything fall into place perfectly-Robert was the best” –Mary O. of Sunset Beach, NC.

Lauren N. from Montville, New Jersey wrote a whole thank you letter! Here are some of the excerpts, “You helped to support me through what, as you were well aware, was a very stressful endeavor. […] The way they wrapped every single piece was well beyond what I expected. […] Your team saved me!! They were just amazing from start to finish. […] Anyway, the care this team took to unpack the truck, arrange the furniture and place the boxes where they belonged was amazing. […] Would I recommend them? You bet! And, in fact, will be calling on you again when we are ready to move from this rental to our forever new home.”

Sharing this feedback can be your reassurance that East Coast Moving does come through when promising a smooth move with us, it’s a “shore” thing!


Summer is Almost Here

Are you ready for summer? Most people in today’s world tend to procrastinate, even if just a little. Don’t stress yourself out anymore than you have to; set your tentative move date well in advance – at least four to six weeks before. If at all possible, try not to move when everyone else wants to move. Typically the end of the month is a busy time for movers, because of the expiration of leases and preferred closing dates. The summer months – May to mid-September, when children are out of school – are “peak season” for movers. Do not assume you cannot be accommodated with short notice though, availability is always changing for an in-demand company. Some closings don’t happen, some financing doesn’t fall into place, some moves change from a home far away, into storage nearby; taking less days to complete. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing move dates – even the weather! Regardless of who, what, where or when – call the Move Lady at East Coast Moving where a smooth move…, it’s a “shore” thing!