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Career New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Keep!


  1. Try things that work for you to help you be healthier at work- You could pack a lunch instead of eating out, try a standing desk, or try taking the stairs.
  2. Set a goal to learn 1 new skill- Choose one thing that you’ve always wanted to know or something that would benefit you the most in your profession.
  3. Update your resume-After you learn that new skill, update your resume!
  4.  Find a work mentor- Find one person who inspires you, whether it be someone in your profession, or just someone who is just a rockstar and makes you want to succeed.
  5. Attend at least 1 networking event- Networking is super important and can boost your career exponentially.
  6. Lastly, Measure you work-life balance. BALANCE is key! Burnout can hurt your career drastically.

Valentine’s Day Sneaks Up On The Best Of Us

images (11)Here’s just a few tips on how to make the best of a move during Valentine’s Day:

1. There’s Nothing More Romantic than Candlelit Dinner on the Floor, Really

Romantics are suckers for this one and when you’re moving into a new place the “table has already been set” for this romantic gesture. Movies and TV shows have been delivering this scene for decades – a couple moves into a humble new place, they have no lofty possessions other than their love for one another, and one surprises the other with candles strategically placed on the hardwood floor as they sit face to face on a picnic blanket and dine on take-out. Get into your new place early to set the stage and host a romantic candlelight dinner on the floor before unpacking a thing.

2. Hide a Gift in One of the Moving Boxes

Even though you are in the middle of a hectic relocation that is no excuse to skip the Valentine’s Day gift giving. Pretend that you forgot or simply did not have the time to get anything all the while smirking to yourself because within one of the boxes marked “FRAGILE” you have placed a retail token of your affection in one of the moving boxes. Ask the recipient to fetch something from the box and watch them saunter over in an irritated (because you “forgot” Valentine’s Day) manner only to be surprised when peeling back the cardboard flap. You’re in good graces for weeks after that.

Young couple eating food and smiling3. Rent an Intimate Room, for Storage

No matter how well you’ve packed and planned for the day of the relocation you will still be neck deep in moving boxes, unless you consider this option. Secure a convenient storage locker located near your new abode and stuff the non-essentials within for the remainder of the month (at least) so that moving day (Feb 14th) is free and clear for you and your loved one to enjoy without being surrounded by boxes and odds & ends.

4. Give the Gift of Professional Movers

While securing storage will relieve much of your Valentine’s Day relocation concern, nothing will do the job quite like bringing in a professional mover to take on the bulk of the job. By having a professional mover as your official Valentine’s Day moving “concierge” you two can escape to dinner and a movie soon after taking possession of your new home.

We hope that his arrow finds the way into the heart of your loved one as you work Valentine’s Day magic into your move. If you have decided to follow our advice above then follow your heart and contact East Coast Moving LLC today to take care of your up and coming household move.

Article borrowed in part by: Total Move Management

The New Neighbors Are Here

Everyone has heard horror stories about the new people moving into the neighborhood.  In the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions here are two ideas on how to welcome them. Remember, introductions go both ways.


Traditional housewarming gifts to give with meanings behind them all, are a very sincere and simple way to welcome someone to the neighborhood.

  • Broom: “May your house always be clean and free of evil spirits.”
  • Knife: “May your home always be protected from intruders.”
  • Salt: “May there always be flavor and spice in your life.”
  • Rice: “May the love in your home multiply.”
  • Bread: “May those in your home never go hungry.”
  • Wine: “May you always have joy and never go thirsty.”
  • Jar of Honey: “May you always enjoy the sweetness of life.”
  • Olive Oil: “May you be blessed with health and well-being.”
  • Some Change (Coins): “May you receive luck and good fortune.”
  • Wood: “May your home have stability, harmony, and peace.”
  • Candles: “May you always have light through the darkest times.”
  • A Plant: “May your home always have life.”


The “Essentials Bucket” has been significantly growing in popularity and it’s relatively easy. The gift is constructed of a bucket filled with household items they might need their first couple of nights and/or have overlooked. For example, a hammer, nails, scissors, plastic ware, paper plates, paper towel, Clorox Wipes, laundry detergent & fabric softener, light bulbs, trash bags, trash can, batteries, Febreeze, extension cord, etc.

The key is to remember that you are welcoming new neighbors and not harassing them; you can introduce yourselves, bring over a few homey and/or helpful items and maybe let them know you are available to help. After that is all said and done make sure to give them space because moving is taxing and everyone needs time to adjust and get settled. 


Packing is the easy part… Right?


Whether you’re packing for a move, or packing up decorations, or even following that New Year’s resolution to clean out the attic and donate all your gently used belongings that you haven’t seen since last year, it can be difficult to even know where to start. Better yet, do you have all the packing materials you need?

Sturdy cardboard boxes of different sizes (They make boxes specifically for almost anything these days).

Packing/Duct tape (You will probably need both, and using different colors is a great way to separate what goes where once the box is closed).

Bubble wrap (Preferably some that you haven’t popped all the bubbles out of, hard to resist).

Old newspapers ­­(You could even use old wrapping paper if one of your resolutions is to recycle).

Sharpies of different colors (You’ll need as many as you have rooms in your home, or places to donate, etc).

Pen & Paper (For your inventory list).

Plastic baggies (To collect screws and small parts that go with furniture. Tape each bag onto the corresponding piece of furniture.)

Heavy-duty garbage bags (For items that aren’t as fragile that you are donating or throwing away).

Tools (To take apart furniture and put it back together; don’t forget your screws, nuts, and bolts).


It’s Only Tuesday…

It's Only Tuesday...

No one likes Mondays, but today is Tuesday, and Diesel is not feeling 100% today. This is the season for allergies and sinuses to flare up and knock down anyone who isn’t power chugging gallons of orange juice while sporting their free “I got my flu shot” sticker. If you’re aren’t doing any of those things then these helpful tips might be able to help you through the season. (Maybe not Diesel. He is probably just going to sleep if off. Yep, currently sleeping if off in the same spot.)

-Two glasses of Gatorade can rid you of headache pains almost immediately, without all the side effect of common pain relievers.

-Those curiously strong little Altoids in your purse, car, junk drawer, etc have real peppermint oil in them and chewing on them can quickly clear up your sinuses.

-By mixing 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of honey, and taking six spoonfuls a day, you can get rid of a sore throat. (Yes vinegar, it kills the bacteria).

-Get warm the old fashioned way, break out the thermal long-johns before cranking up the heat. When you turn the heat up in your home it dries out the membranes in your nose and throat making your body produce even more of that stuffy mucus. (The same applies to smoke).

-When push comes to shove it might be inconvenient but sometimes it’s better to suck it up and go to the doctor, be mindful of your co-workers, friends, and family. No one wants to be sick, but it’s worse when someone else gets you sick.

Lastly, when all else fails, sleep and hydration are key, just ask Diesel.