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Career New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Keep!


  1. Try things that work for you to help you be healthier at work- You could pack a lunch instead of eating out, try a standing desk, or try taking the stairs.
  2. Set a goal to learn 1 new skill- Choose one thing that you’ve always wanted to know or something that would benefit you the most in your profession.
  3. Update your resume-After you learn that new skill, update your resume!
  4.  Find a work mentor- Find one person who inspires you, whether it be someone in your profession, or just someone who is just a rockstar and makes you want to succeed.
  5. Attend at least 1 networking event- Networking is super important and can boost your career exponentially.
  6. Lastly, Measure you work-life balance. BALANCE is key! Burnout can hurt your career drastically.

It’s Only Tuesday…

It's Only Tuesday...

No one likes Mondays, but today is Tuesday, and Diesel is not feeling 100% today. This is the season for allergies and sinuses to flare up and knock down anyone who isn’t power chugging gallons of orange juice while sporting their free “I got my flu shot” sticker. If you’re aren’t doing any of those things then these helpful tips might be able to help you through the season. (Maybe not Diesel. He is probably just going to sleep if off. Yep, currently sleeping if off in the same spot.)

-Two glasses of Gatorade can rid you of headache pains almost immediately, without all the side effect of common pain relievers.

-Those curiously strong little Altoids in your purse, car, junk drawer, etc have real peppermint oil in them and chewing on them can quickly clear up your sinuses.

-By mixing 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of honey, and taking six spoonfuls a day, you can get rid of a sore throat. (Yes vinegar, it kills the bacteria).

-Get warm the old fashioned way, break out the thermal long-johns before cranking up the heat. When you turn the heat up in your home it dries out the membranes in your nose and throat making your body produce even more of that stuffy mucus. (The same applies to smoke).

-When push comes to shove it might be inconvenient but sometimes it’s better to suck it up and go to the doctor, be mindful of your co-workers, friends, and family. No one wants to be sick, but it’s worse when someone else gets you sick.

Lastly, when all else fails, sleep and hydration are key, just ask Diesel.