Timing is important.

Set your tentative move date well in advance – at least four to six weeks before. If at all possible, try not to move when everyone else wants to move. Typically the end of the month is a busy time for movers, because of the expiration of leases and preferred closing dates. The summer months – May to mid-September, when children are out of school – are “peak season” for movers. Do not assume you cannot be accommodated with short notice though, availability is always changing for an in demand company.  Some closings don’t happen, some financing doesn’t get put through, some moves change from a home far away, into storage nearby; taking less days to complete.  There are a lot of things to consider when choosing move dates – even the weather!  Regardless of who, what, where or when – call the Move Lady at East Coast Moving where a smooth move…, it’s a “shore” thing!

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